Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Light City - Book Worm

Book Worm is a silly villain that would be at home in the Kingdom of Crime.

Book Worm

A. Bookworm is a rare-book thief who lives in Light City. His first true caper involved stealing first editions of Treasure Island in hopes of finding Long John Silver's booty. He was successful in finding it though in the end he got into a shoot out with a pirate named "Long John." Though initially thought dead, he survived and moved back to Light City. He's kept a low profile though recently Veda of the Kingdom of Crime has made inroads of recruiting him into the kingdom.

Real Name: Alfred Bookworm
First Appearance: Top-Notch Laugh Comics (October 1940)
AC 9 [10]      HD: 3    Attacks: Iron Book (1d6) or Pistol (1d6+1, range 50') Move: 12

Book Worm has many booby-trapped books including:

Poisoned Pages (consumable): Anyone handling the pages of this book without gloves must make saving throw or die.

Exploding Book (consumable): When the timer of this book goes off or the detonator is pressed, it explodes doing 3d6 damage to everyone without 10'.

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