Monday, September 18, 2017

Light City Goes West?

I love supers and and love westerns. I can't be alone in this right? Chuck Dixon's Justice Riders is one of my favourite Elseworlds stories. While working on Light City content I've discovered something. There are a plethora of western comic book characters in the public domain. Some of these characters just random lawmen and outlaws, but there's some really cool stuff out there too. I think Dr. Chuda, Iron Mask, Six-Gun Gorilla, and Lobo all need some love on at the gaming table.

Would there be any interest in some supers based weird west Swords & Wizardry Light stuff? I'll probably keep it in the Light City Multiverse. Also if that's the case, should their be a gunslinger/western hero class to join the ranks of the brawler, elemental, amazon, super-pet (perfect for all of the wonder horses), and sidekick? If this sounds cool to you any and all feedback would be appreciated.

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  1. In a word...yes! I agree that these PD characters (and art!) are currently a squandered resource. It'd be awesome to see you put them to use!

    Obviously, I'm also biased to like the idea of fitting them into the Light City Universe, but I'd say to make sure that doesn't limit you. I DO think there's a certain comic booky style of Weird West story that's underrepresented in gaming, and this is a great chance to work on that...!