Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Vampire Scenario Ideas

Need to run a session of your favourite vampire rpg, but don't have a lot of prep time? Here's a collection of vampire game scenario ideas. Either roll to figure out which one to use or pick your favourite. Some of these have sci-fi elements. If you don't like that it doesn't take much to make the cause supernatural.

  1.  While traveling through the country the characters are attacked by a relentless demon summoned by the father of one of their victims.
  2. There's a new hunter in town targeting vampires. He's taking trophies and using tools that no one has ever seen. He's so stealthy that some think he's a ghost.
  3. The party wakes up restrained in a room and must survive a series of death traps created by someone they've wronged. 
  4. Sewer dwelling vampires start to go missing (including a friend/ally of the party). It seems that some unscrupulous politicians have been allowing toxic waste in the sewers and this has transformed the homeless into cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers, strong enough to rip vampires to shreds.
  5. Ravenous alien furballs from outerspace invade party's territory. While they aren't too strong on their own, they can join together to create a massive ball of hairy death. To make matters worse, two intergalactic bounty hunters are trying to stop them and they're not to great at their job.
  6. Mysterious accidents start happening at a laundry business in one of the player's regular hunting grounds, leading to increased police presence. When the player's investigate they find that the laundry press has been possessed by a powerful demon with a taste for blood.
  7. A vampire lord has been using science to overcome some of his species natural weaknesses. In doing so he's created a new strain of vampire that ravenously feeds on other bloodsuckers. 
  8. While traveling through the country the character's become the hunted. An unstoppable killing machine is seeking them for their organs, giving new meaning to a classic song.
  9. Entering a secluded desert valley on their way to Las Vegas the party become trapped. Beneath their feet are giant monstrous worm creatures that can sense vibrations in the earth.
  10. When the vampire was still human their negligence led to the death of a child. Years later the child has returned as an undead killing machine seeking revenge.


  1. Those are good, hoss. Glad to see the Subspecies love... and Pumpkinhead!

  2. Love it! I've had a strange urge to play a werewolf RPG lately, so this was a really interesting read...!

  3. I had fun with it and plan on doing more. Every one is based on a movie I like.