Thursday, September 28, 2017

Yours To Keep

This week I found out that the Changeling 20th Anniversary book is available on OBS. I know it's probably been out for a bit, but I'm not super perceptive about some things. While I don't think I'll drop the cash for a full printed copy right now, I did spend a couple of bucks to get Yours To Keep: A Changeling The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition Jumpstart. This book isn't anything that's not been done. It's a classic quickstart. We're presented with details about changelings and their society. We got some basic rules to play and an overview of faerie magic. Then we are introduced to the small shore town of Point Avalon and it's fae inhabitants. This is followed by an adventure and pregenerated characters.

This is the first official Changeling: The Dreaming material released in years and I'm pretty excited about the opportunity to dig into it. Just glancing I see some rules changes and expanded kith and magic, which is awesome.

Maybe I can finally get some folks to give Changeling a shot.

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