Monday, October 2, 2017

October Horror Movie Challenge - Bloodrunners (2017)

Synopsis: During prohibition a corrupt cop discovers that a popular speakeasy is actually a front for vampires.

The Good: Honestly, I love the setting and premise. I really liked McFadden as the corrupt cop protagonist. He's a good character actor.

The Bad: While a few folks were good, overall the acting isn't great quality. The The film quality is not slick and it's definitely straight to video. The effects were meh at best.

Final Thoughts: For all of its flaws, I enjoyed this one. The name is great and I think it needs to be an rpg setting. Maybe I'll add this to the list of future projects.

In Your Game: The prohibition era would be a great setting for a supernatural game. You could have a lot of fun with a Buffy or World of Darkness game during this time period. The Slayer's Handbook would be something to look at to use with this one.

New To Me Movies Watched: 4
Total Movies Watched: 5

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