Friday, January 12, 2018

Plane Shift Ixalan

Earlier this week Wizards of the Coast dropped another free Magic: The Gathering meets Dungeons and Dragons 5e supplement: Plane Shift: Ixalan. Ixalan is the setting for another recent release X Marks the Spot.

The 47 page pdf has quite a bit of material.  The first section discusses the four major factions of the setting (as well as giving suggestions on how to create them as D&D characters with new ideals and bonds). There's also discussion of how to bring these factions together. The second discusses the races of Ixalan (as well as a short section discussing other MTG versions of these races). We have humans, merfolk (with green and blue subraces), vampires (with a new feat), orcs, goblins, and sirens. The next sections discusses the Lands of Ixalan. This is pretty cool because you get setting information, as well as appropriate treasure tables, maps,  and a "who created it or was intended to use it" chart. The next section is a bestiary. Ixalan is dinosaur heavy so there's quite a bit of dino discussion. We get new stats for Frilled Deathspitters and the legendary dinosaurs of Ixalan. Gishath, Sun's Avatar gets stats. he's a pretty beastly challenge 10 (with Legendary actions), but he's nothing compared to the elder dinosaurs. These monstrosities are challenge 30! There are base stats and then additional actions that can be taken be each of the six primals. We get a few more stat blocks: sunbirds and chupacabra, The final section of the pdf discusses the colors of magic and how to apply them to D&D. There's a discussion on how to play the five colors of magic in addition to personality traits and ideals associated with each color.

Like the others, this is an awesome free pdf. Given the jungle and dinosaur nature of Ixalan, this is a good supplement to Tomb of Annihilation. Also, given the Sun Empire's Mesoamerican feel, Ixalan could be your replacement for the Forgotten Realms Maztica.

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  1. Thanks as always for the heads up on this! (I think you forgot a link, though...although I could be overlooking it after this long week...!)