Tuesday, April 10, 2018

J is for Jackalope

Remember you can use this with my pay what you want rpg, Six-Shooters & Wagons.

AC 4 [15]      HD:1    Attacks: Gore (1d6 damage) Move: 15

When making attack rolls the jackalope rolls 2d20 and uses the better of the two results. When attacking a jackalope, the attacker rolls 2d20 and uses the lesser of the two results.

A person that delivers the killing blow on a jackalope my perform a ritual on one of it's feet. Once this ritual is complete the person can gain the following benefit once per day, When making an attack roll or saving throw, the character can roll 2d20 and use the higher of the two results.


  1. I can imagine a plot involving a corrupt landowner organising a 'jackalope-hunting party'!

    1. Sounds like a fun plot, but good luck to those hunters. I intentionally made these little guys hard to kill (even if they only have 1 HD).

    2. And that's where player ingenuity comes in... setting those jackalope traps ;-)

  2. The lucky jackalope foot ritual makes this a simple classic. I love it!