Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Choose Your Own: Sci-Fi Stock Art Kickstarter (Updated 5-31-18)

The extremely talented JE Shields has an awesome stock art project for anyone who loves sci-fi.  Choose Your Own: Sci-Fi Stock Art is a collection of stock art with a brilliant design. I spoke with JE about the project and he gave me some background on the project which I'd like to share:

It has been my goal (since I began freelancing) to help indie publishers (who often don't have much of a budget) produce quality products. This is another way I'm offering to bridge the game between pure stock straight commissions. 

Being a new indie publisher, I really appreciate this idea.

The art itself is divided up into mix and match assets which let you customize what goes into your products. It will be in both black and white and color. All backers will be able to submit ideas for JE to draw. The top tier (see below) will definitely get to see their idea become a piece. 

Here are the pledge levels:

  • $15+ - Just Tokens - You can mix and match over 150 different assets from Portraits, People, and Ships to make your own 1" tokens for personal use.
  • $25+ - Choose Two - Mix and match images from two of these packages (Weapons, Ships, Portraits, and People). You get over 100 individual assets for commercial use.
  • $50+ - Get All Five - Mix and match images from Weapons, Ships, Portraits, People, and Scenes. This means you get over 250 individual assets for commercial use.
  • $75+ - Stock Art Master - Everything mentioned above as well as the Photoshop files of all assets. This means that it will be easy to change colors, crop and edit the assets. These files will also include vectors for the line art, which means you can scale up without losing quality.
  • $150+ - Art Collector - You get everything mentioned above and an original inked illustration of your submitted idea on white cardstock, signed by JE. This level is US only.
To help support JE in his endeavors, several publishers are donating complimentary copies of some fantastic pdfs.  Here are those broke down by tier:
Kudos to all the writers mentioned for supporting this awesome projects.

I'm backing this at the Stock Art Master level. I don't create pure sci-fi stuff, but I have many super ideas in mind and I know this will prove to be a great source of art for them. The project is over half way funded and has 16 days left. Back it today. 

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