Monday, May 7, 2018

Maximum Mayhem Dungeons #5: Palace of the Dragon's Princess Kickstarter

The Wizard or Mayhem, Mark Taormino, and the crew of Dark Wizard Games are at it again! Quick disclaimer:  I have proofreader credits for this adventure and most of Mark's books. I'm not actually a dark wizard and I don't see any of the money from these books. I proofread to help some cool cats out, get experience, and get an early look at the books. 

Palace of the Dragon's Princess is the 6th book released in the Maximum Mayhem line. The adventure is written for OSRIC, but could easily be adapted to any version of D&D. I own every one and they are all phenomenal. The premise of the newest adventure is classic. The party must save the beautiful princess, defeat her scaly captor, and live happily ever after. It's going to be that easy, right? Sure it is...

This is a Maximum Mayhem Dungeons adventure. You know there are going to be quirky and kickass twists. Characters will die. Bad puns will be said. Laughs will be had by all.

There are a several tiers to the Kickstarter, but these are the pledge levels I'm going to talk about:
  • At 25 (plus shipping) you get the print and pdf versions of the newest adventure. Currently this is the level I'm backing. 
  • At 85 (plus shipping) you get the print and pdf versions of the newest adventure, the really cool box to put all of Dark Wizard Games books in, the Dark Wizard Games dice bag,  and dice. You also get digital custom character sheets and a digital poster. I really want to back at this level, but I'll have to see what my funds are like closer to the Kickstarter's conclusion.
  • At 220 (plus shipping) you get everything from the previous tier I mentioned and the other 5 Dark Wizard Games books in print. If you don't have these and have the cash, I'd definitely go with this tier. The first four Maximum Mayhem Dungeon books are rad-a-bitchen as Hell. The Monsters of Mayhem supplement is killer too (pun intended... seriously these monsters will fuck your players up).

You can back the Kickstarter here. Even if you can't afford to back, do the gents a favor and share the link. Don't underestimate the value of word of mouth advertising.

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