Monday, June 18, 2018

Blackwind Project Kickstarter

The Blackwind Project is a new Kickstarter for a lightweight universal rules set. According to the press release and KS video, it's designed to run everything from truly epic heroics to ragtag underdogs and everything in between. It doesn't have a specific genre and can be used to many genres including sci-fi, swords and sorcery, horror, noir, western, steampunk, and cyberpunk.

While the Kickstarter makes it sound like a narrative game, there are a few attributes that keep it from going there. Instead of levels and such, these traits are scores that shift and such throughout the game. The rule set is finished and according to the website has been playtested and such for 10 years. The Kickstarter will see the rules printed, as well as various genre adventures.

You can find more information out at their website. Also, if you want to give the system a try check out the introductory adventure, The Arena. It definitely sounds like an ambitious project. If this sounds interesting, you should definitely check out the website and Kickstarter.

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