Friday, June 22, 2018

Grimtooth's Trapsylvania Kickstarter

Grimtooth's Trapsylvania is a new setting book Kickstarter by Goodman Games (licensed by Flying Buffalo). Let me start out by saying unlike some folks, I don't have a history with Grimtooth. I think one of my friends had one of the books, but it wasn't really used in our games. That being said I think the character is pretty interesting and this project sounds sweet. The book will primarily be a systemless setting book detailing various legendary locations mentioned in the Grimtooth books of the past. However, all NPC's and things will be given DCC stats at the end of the book.

For those of you that are Grimtooth fans this Kickstarter is also a chance for you to get a hold of the fabled 8th Grimtooth book, Grimtooth's Lair. Apparently at Origins in 1983 an independent publisher released an unauthorized bootleg adventure called Grimtooth's Lair. Today there is only a single copy known to exist and thanks to a cool collector named Bill Meinhardt, it has been scanned and will be reprinted for the Kickstarter as an add-on.

I think the humorous and deadly nature of Grimtooth's creations is a great fit for DCC and I will be making Trapsylvania a part of future DCC games.

If you want a quirky fantasy setting, love DCC, or want to get a hold of a lost relic of gaming's past, you should check this one out.

I picked up the two current Grimtooth DCC adventures at Origins.

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