Tuesday, June 26, 2018

SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City Is Live!

If you've ever wanted to play an rpg based on




or this

then SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City is the game for you! The Kickstarter is live, the project has been funded, and the first stretch goal has been passed. You can snag both books in print and pdf for $34+. Personally I'm really digging the Retail or Small Gaming Group Discount. For $65+ you get four copies of the core and two of the GM's Guide in print (plus that many pdfs). That's a hell of a discount. There's also a pledge level that will snag you print copies and Vigilante City shirt. Unfortunately for me, I'm tall and fat and the shirt would probably be too tight, so I have to pass. Personally I'm eye the $90+ pledge. You get print copies of both book and you get to design an npc for the book (that will be illustrated by Runehammer). 

I also want to mention that Eric is encouraging third party publisher support. I will definitely be writing and selling content for Vigilante City. 

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