Friday, June 29, 2018

The Twins of Portsmaw

I really think DCC is going to be the route I release Portsmaw. I've decided to start statting out some of the npc's, creatures, and things. 

Presented below are two local otherworldly beings who mettle in the affairs of mortals in the region.


While the children of the region fear his sister Gallia, they know that nothing bad will happen when Jasper’s around. The mischievous child-like entity spends countless time playing with the youth of the region or going on “grand adventures.”

Many believe he’s some sort of faerie. A few scholars in the region have found evidence he may actually be some sort of lost godling. If he knows the truth, he isn’t telling.

Init +3, Atk Fist +2 melee (1d3); AC 14; HD 3d8; MV 15'; Act 1d20; SP damage reduction 5;  SV Fort -1, Ref +5, Will +2; AL N

Jasper can become invisible at will. He also has the ability to open any door. Any character spending luck in the presence of Jasper has a 50/50 chance of regaining that luck when they awake from sleep. If Jasper is reduced to 0 HP he will reform in a random spot in the region in 1d6 days.


While her brother is kind and celebrated, the entity known as Gallia is a cold eyed killer. There are few things that delight her more than drowning children. Her favorite tactic is to lull young ones to sleep and then marooning them on a sandbar during low tied. Once they awake and the water begins to rise, she delights in their panic and ultimate deaths. 

Init +3, Atk Fist +2 melee (1d5); AC 15; HD 3d8; MV 15', Swim 40'; Act 1d20; SP damage reduction 5;  SV Fort +3, Ref +2, Will +2; AL C

Anyone hearing Gallia's lullaby must make a DC 14 will save or fall asleep for 1d8 or until they take damage. Like her twin, Jasper, if Gallia is reduced to 0 HP she will reform in 1d6 days. However, she always returns to life in the Oh'yio.