Thursday, September 13, 2018

Official Minion Stats (5E)

I'm posting about this one just because I find it weird. The newest issue of Dragon+ is primarily focused on kids. There's discussion of running D&D for young ones and an article full of tips. There's also an interview with one of the minds behind Minions.

Yeah these yellow bastards....

The weirdest part about it? There are "official" 5e stats for Minions. You can check them out in the article or just use this direct link. I find this bizarre, but then again if you're trying to introduce some kiddos to 5e, these might just be the stats you need.

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  1. I sent these over to Simon (DM of our upcoming dalliance with 5e) and was promptly shot down ;-) Guess my character won't be having Minions after all!