Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Ash Wednesday - Sam

Sam is a character from the what-if video game, Evil Dead: Regeneration.  In this game, instead of being sent back to the past, Ash is committed to an asylum after the events of Evil Dead 2. Unfortunately, the resident doctor, Reinhard, is an occultist and unleashes Hell with the Necronomicon.

Armor Class: 12                 Damage: By Weapon or Magic Ball 1d3 damage, 30' range
Hit Dice: 1                           Special: Half-Deadite
Move: 9                               Bonus: +1 to Hit
Attack: 1 per round             HDE: 1

Sam is a half-Deadite. He was a patient and victim of the Reinhard's mad attempt to use the Necronomicon to bring the dead back to life without have the bodies possessed by a Kandarian demon. Any time he is killed, he will crawl through a portal in the ground with full HP. As part Deadite, he can be controlled by the Possess Deadite spell.

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