Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Punisher (1989)

Synopsis: When his family is killed by the mafia in a car bomb, Frank Castle goes underground and starts a one man war on crime. Years later caught in the middle of a war between the mafia and the Yakuza he reunites with his old partner. When mobsters' children are kidnapped he finds him himself teaming up with their boss to take on the Japanese criminals. 

The Good: Louis Gossett Jr. is good as Frank's ex-partner, Jake.  Hands down my favorite character was Shake. The alcoholic Shakespearean actor is a great supporting character and though he was created for the film (as far as I'm aware), he really does seem like one of Frank's allies.

The Bad: The movie is cheesy af. It really does hit all of the 80's/90's action movie tropes, especially when it comes to ninjas. Lundgren has no personality. 

Final Thoughts: It's 80's cheese, but I love this movie. It's mindless fun and has some interesting characters and fun action.

In Your Game: Since this is an 80's movie, I decided to do a DP&D version of Punisher. None of the classes really fit perfectly, but the Survivalist from the player's guide gives him the proper skills. If Frank comes to J'Town what brings him there? Is there a criminal hiding out?

The Punisher
Real Name: Frank Castle
Class: Survivalist 7

Str: 18 (+3)
Int: 10 
Wis: 11
Dex: 13 (+1)  
Con: 18 (+3) 
Cha: 9 (-1)
Sur: 11

Courage: 15
Critical: 14
Death:  16
Mental: 13
Poison: 14

Languages: English

AC: 14/15 (Bullet Proof Vest, Dexterity/ ", ",  Brawling)
HP: 50
Move: 12

+4 to Hit, 1d4+4 damage
Semi Auto Pistol
+3 to Hit, 2d6 damage, ROF 2, 75' range

Basic Athletics 4 (+7/+5)
Brawling (+1 to Attacks, Against Intimidation checks, and Melee AC) 
Driving 3 (+4_ 
First Aid 5 (+5)
Intimidation 1 (+4)
Investigation 3 (+3) 
Outdoorsmanship 1 (+6)
Ranged Weapons 1 (+1 to Ranged Attacks)

Toughness +1
+5 to Courage saves
+2 to Ranged Attacks
May spend an extra Survival Point on failed attack or save rolls
Cannot be surprised
+2 to Spot checks
Advantage on Saves
Heals 1 Survival a day

Equipment: Semi Auto Pistol, Tactical Survival Gear, Motorcycle

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