Saturday, February 9, 2019


While I've never really got into Power by the Apocalypse games, Egg Embry's contribution to #zinequest has me intrigued. In this game, you're a Dreamr. While you may be a nobody in real life when you close your eyes and sleep you can travel through the dream realms and enter the dreams of others. You even have power of them and can alter them. This sounds like an awesome mashup of Inception and A Nightmare On Elm Street.

Based on that premise and my knowledge that Egg is a great part of the rpg scene, I'm going to back his first solo Kickstarter. The pdf is only $5 and the physical copy is only $12 (if you're in the US). It's less than 30 dollars away from funding. I don't think you can go wrong backing this project.

Remember, his other project, Love's Labour's Liberated is also still seeking funding. I'm going to put a shameless plug and also mention that my first Kickstarter (which is also a part of #zinequest) is still seeking funding too.

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