Thursday, March 14, 2019

Dollman (1991)

Synopsis: Tough as nails alien cop, Brick Bardo, chases his arch nemesis through space and crash lands on Earth. Unfortunately his species are much smaller and he's only 13 inches tall. He meets a  young activist and face off with local thugs, dispensing justice, and showing that size doesn't matter.

The Good: Tim Thomerson does a great job as a 13 inch tall Dirty Harry. He's a gruff tough cop stereotype and it's fun. Jackie Earl Haley plays the main thug, Braxton Red, and is fun in the role. Interestingly enough he makes some nice social commentary about the state of impoverished areas and how they are neglected by those in power.

The Bad: The effects for this one are classic Full Moon and not the greatest. I think they have charm though. I think Braxton's no body gives a damn about us speech at the end is wasted.

Final Thoughts: This movie is cheesy, but fun. There's definitely gaming inspiration that can be take from this one. Brick appeared in a few more Full Moon stories. He fights the Demonic Toys in a sequel (which I own but haven't watched yet). He also kills the Full Moon Universe in a recent comic series.

In Your Game: Brick Bardo would make an interesting ally in a Vigilante City game.

Brick Bardo
Armor Class: 16
Hit Dice: 5 (18 HP)
Move: 12
Actions: 1
Attacks Kruger Blaster 2d6+1 (range 100)
Special: Disadvantage on all Grapple rolls, Advantage on all Stealth rolls
Bonuses: +3 to Ranged attack rolls, +5 to Investigation rolls, +2 to Initiative rolls, +2 to Intimidation rolls
HDE: 4
Kruger Blaster 
Damage: 2d6+1
Range: 100
Rate of Fire: 1
Ammo: -
Cost: -
Notes: Because of the method the firearm damages things at a cellular level, wounds caused by this gun can only be healed by advanced (future or alien) tech or magic. The gun is also sized for natives of Brick's species. If a creature is larger than tiny they have a -5 to attack rolls with the Kruger Blaster.

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  1. That's a fantastic translation of this character into gaming stats. Great job!