Monday, April 15, 2019

K is for Kandras

Once again, I could find a good Dictrionaire Infernal entry for this letter, so I'm just changing a letter or two. This demon is based on Andras.

Cold-blooded Kandras has the body of an angel and the head of an owl. He lives for the kill. He does not discriminate though and has no code. All are potential victims; young and old, poor and wealthy.
He also has an innate ability to quarrels and discord. While his methods aren't subtle, he is an infernal assassin and enforcer.

Armor Class: 4 [12]
Hit Dice: 10
Attack: Sword (2d6)
Special: See Below
Move: 12, Fly 18
HDE:  11, 1,700

Unlike many fiends, Kandras can be injured by non-magical means. An aura of discord surrounds him in a 60' radius. must making a saving throw or become hostile and distrusting.

Summoning/Bargaining Ritual Modifiers: offering of magical sword (+2)

Potential Boons: slaying an enemy

Potential Banes: occultists touch leaves bloody prints

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