Wednesday, April 17, 2019

M is for Melchom

Melchom is a fiendish bureaucrat and paymaster to Hell's Legions and civil servants. He is cruel and conniving, but follows the letter of law to a t. That doesn't mean he respects the spirit of the law, and he is an expert at finding loop holes. Occultists occasionally call upon him for his bureaucratic no-how. He is also known to give out loans, but borrowers beware of the terms.

Armor Class: 7 [12]
Hit Dice: 5
Attack: By Weapon
Special: See Below
Move: 12
HDE:  5, 240

Melchom can only be injured by magical weapons. He is always accompanied by 2d4 Lemure Demons.

Summoning/Bargaining Ritual Modifiers: monetary sacrifice (+1 per 500 GP)

Potential Boons: monetary loan, help understanding law or contract

Potential Banes: any coin the occultist touched becomes bloodstained 


  1. The Upper Echelons of Hell's elite, of course, do not wish to pay their legions more than the absolute minimum. As paymaster, these Dukes and Lords of Hell imagine that while, certainly not an equal, and certainly underpaid, Melchom must perform as their edicts direct.

    The legions of Hell, on the other hand, are always pushing to gain more from the damnation of others. They would see their wages (in souls) higher than they are, and they would gain more benefits than they currently have. Because he is not strictly a Lord of Hell, these many demons expect the fiendish paymaster to side with them.

    It's Melchom in the Middle.

  2. Where can I find the summoning rules, please?

    1. As strange as it sounds, I haven't posted them yet. I'll get them up soon.

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