Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Every Judge Needs A Bailiff

I recently received some really cool rewards from Inner Ham for chipping in on this year's printing costs for the Gongfarmer's Almanac.  The first of these rewards I wanted to talk about is The Bailiff. In addition to some cool art, this is a mini judge screen (made from sturdy material) with random tables for when your mind goes blank.  Here are the tables you can find:

  • 30 NPC Names
  • 20 Evocative Place Names
  • 24 Odd Things Found in Pockets & Packs
  • 20 NPC Mannerisms
  • 20 NPC Goals
  • 1d7 Random Levels for Hirelings
  • 5 Weird Weather Conditions
  • Alternate Starting Equipment (1d30) - designed specifically for one-shots
  • Alternate Birth Augurs (1d24) - designed specifically for one-shots
In addition there is a small section that discusses how to spice up monsters and ready made reoccurable monsters, the Humanites. There's also a nice suggestion of you using clothes pins with the screen to keep track of initiative. 

Even if you don't play DCC The Bailiff is a really useful screen. You can grab your own here for just 2.95.

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