Thursday, July 11, 2019

GenCon Hype Is Rising!

Three weeks from now I will be at my first GenCon! This will also be the first time I've taken an overnight trip out of state in five years or so. I'm going with fam on this one and we'll be staying at a con-connected hotel, which is awesome.

Josh and I have talked about con-exclusive material from The Lone Bards. I'm thinking maybe it will be an adventure? I will also definitely be printing copies of Slashers & Victims to give out to folks that want it.

I'm really stoked to meet several of my online gamer friends, especially the sweetest man in the world, Diogo. I plan on having a few drinks and doing some impromptu gaming with folks, so look for me.

In case anyone's curious, here's my schedule.

Sparkle*Kitty looks like a blast. If I enjoy it, I will definitely by a copy to play with friends and the kids at the library. It will be really nice to attend the two Tabletop Gaymer events I have planned. Looking forward to relaxing in a free and open space with other gaymers. Mantic's The Walking Dead games look cool, so I figured the Walker Challenge would be a cool way to test drive the rules. Shuffling Horrors is a B-movie inspired card game I've been wanting to try. I've never played QAGS, but y'all know I'm a big lucha fan. I might even get a luchador mask to wear while playing. I'm always stoked to play DCC and had a great time doing a DCC Lankhmar game at Origins last year. Finally the Gamer Dice Jewelry just seemed like a fun thing to learn how to make. I have so many gamer friends, it'd be a cool way to make geeky gifts for them. 

I can't wait. Still have some LB prep work to do, plus pickup a messenger bag, borrow mom's suitcase, and figure out what I'm taking with me, but this should be an awesome trip and I can't wait to make some amazing memories.

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