Friday, July 12, 2019

Mind Games Review

UX02: Mind Games is a 60+ page psionic rules set designed for Dungeon Crawl Classics by Shield of Faith Studios.  The rules feel like the mimic 2nd editions psionic rules in a lot of ways, which is what I grew up on. While originally designed for Crawling Under A Broken Moon, these can be used with just about any DCC setting. The rules are written in a way that makes psionics different from cleric and wizard magic (without being more complex) and are strong, but don't feel more powerful than those other DCC staples. While I think psionics sometimes feel out of place in other D&D settings, they feel great with DCC's Appendix N design in mind.

The book presents a new class, the Psion. Psions can choose powers from one of four disciplines which are tied to four different main attributes. Among these disciplines, there are over 50 powers to choose from. Much like the spells of the core book, the powers take up a majority of Mind Games. There are also rules for psionic duels, which are a staple of psychic fiction.

There are several pages that present psionic items. These can be living crystal weapons (which are like intelligent swords), psychogenic baubles (which are like Ioun stones), brow jewelry, and psychic tomes. There are five new psionic creatures (braingineer, cerebear, Edacious Encephelon, Hive Mind, and lobstrosityrant) and a critical table for them.

Reid has an excellent system here. It really does fit into DCC with not much adjustment and adds to the over the top, anything could happen, nature of the game. I would love to take this, make some adjustments and do a Dark Sun DCC game. If you've ever wanted to add some psychic goodness to your DCC game pick this one up. Get your copy here. I don't think you'll be disappointed... actually I think you'll have your mind blown.


  1. I have this, haven't looked through it in awhile. May need to rectify that.