Thursday, November 14, 2019

Help Your 5E Game Evolve

Have you ever wanted to try something different in your 5e games? Wonder who'd win in a fight between a WWII tank and a red dragon? Want to terrorize some 80's teens with an ogre? How about throwing a team of superheroes against a beholder? If any of these things sound badass to you, then you should really check out the Kickstarter for 5Evo Whitechapel.

The newest 5Evo book it focuses on 1888 London and Jack the Ripper's reign of terror. It's presented as an easy addon to D&D 5e and you can mix and match it's content with the core books. Additionally, with a few of the pledged you can snag the previous 5Evo books and add all of the craziness I mentioned above to your games.

I have reviewed Tunnel of Terror and Carbide City. I've not reviewed Mystery in the Sahara, but I think I'll do that tomorrow. I can't wait to add Whitechapel to the mix. These are quality books and you should take a look at the project.


  1. These remind me of how much I loved seeing d20 content for any and every genre under the sun back at the height of that edition. Even when it wasn't great quality, I thought it was fun. If these are well done, that's just icing on the 5e cake...

  2. I was really impressed with them and it was Justin who pointed me to them.