Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cinematic Unisystem - My Whedonverse

I love the Buffyverse and the cinematic unisystem so I've decided to do some posts about my version of the Whedonverse. Set after the final seasons of Angel and Buffy, my setting mostly ignores the comics, since I didn't like them. As far as game systems, I'll be using all of the cinematic unisystem games. So along with the demons and slayers of Angel and Buffy, the wise-cracking promised ones of Army of Darkness fight alongside the various casters of Ghosts of Albion.

Here are a few background bits I'd like to note about the setting.

Giles, Andrew, and Xander have been working for the past several years to rebuild the Watcher's Council. The group works to recruit or at the least make ties with various supernatural hunters, occultists, and friendly supernats. Because of the influx of so many hunters, the new Watcher's Council is much proactive in its approach. There are some traditionalists that believe the group should only observe, but they are a vocal minority. To better train the new Watchers, slayers, and supernatural allies, various schools and academies have been established, such as the Belmont Academy in upstate New York.
Due to Buffy's battle with the First Evil and the calling of all the slayers, there has been an influx of supernatural energy into the world. Hellmouths and other portals beyond human comprehension have opened all over the world. The council works to guard these places, but they aren't always successful.

The most notable case is Hellmouth Shinjuku. A fallen arcane warrior named Levih Rah attempted to open a permanent portal to the dark dimensions to fuel his powers. While the dark warriors plans were stopped, a Hellmouth was opened in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, causing a massive earthquake and flooding the district with demons. Efforts to reclaim the area have failed. The demons unleashed stay within their "Demon City" and no sane person enters the area.

The influx of arcane energies have also re-energized the ley lines and mystic places of earth. New protector's are being called to serve as magical stewards to these lands. In addition, the fey are are returning to the world.

Increased activity and events like the "Shinjuku Incident" have caused governments to take notice. The US Supernatural Initiative Network has stepped up its game. Various black-book programs have joined forces (such as the infamous B.P.R.D. and the F.B.I.'s Special Affairs Division) and the goverment is taking a more agressive stance against supernatural threats. Other governments have created similiar organizations, like Japan's Strike Force Zero.

So this is the state of the world, The supernatural has become more common, the the general popluace still see these incidents as natural gas deposits exploding and street gangs on PCP.
So now, in addition to my Changeling Redux and M&M Punverse postings, you can expect to see some various Cinematic Unisystem post. Also, I'm going to give credit where it's due. Timothy Brannon, who's blog can be found here, is a big inspiration. Though he tends to focus on witches, and I'm more of a mortal/werewolf, kind of guy, he stuff is great and I plan on using some of his builds in my setting (whenever I finally get to run it).

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