Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Punverse - Heroes of the Five Cites (Part 2)

Today, we'll take a look at some of the other "Saints."


"Let those who worship darkness might, beware the light of the Beacon!"

Beacon (Ariel Perkins) - Ariel Perkins is the latest in a long line of sorcerors charged with protecting the Spark. Ariel never had much of a personal life and has been groomed for her role since birth. Raised in a mystic commune, she learned incantations from spirits and faeries, while other children were playing games.

Ariel's changed when the entire commune she'd grown up in was razed and slaughtered by Yellow Lama and his minions. Distraught, and filled with survivor's guilt, Ariel moved from city to city until coming into contact with Reveler. Somehow the spritely heroine seemed to ease Ariel's pain and she decided to stay in Five Cities.

Powers: Magic, Flight, Staff of the Beacon
PL: 10
Source/Archetype: Instant Superheroes pg 45 - "Mystic"

"You're about to get a hardcore, lucha smackdown!"

El Hijo de Lobo Loco (Name Unknown) -Everyone in Mexico thought that Loco was going to grow up and take his father's mantle as champion of the LLM (the Lucha Libra Meta-Humano, the premiere metahuman wrestling league in Mexico). He most likely would have, if not for the death of his father at the vice-like hands of El Panico Verde and El Operador Suave. At the urging of his father's closest friend, El Lucha Pequeno of the Vengadores Justicia, Loco left his beloved Mexico for Five Cities. Shamed by his inability to to save his father, Loco has thrown himself head first into crime fighting. A fiery young man, Loco, often gets in over his head. Luckily for him, the Saints are never far away. Recently, Loco has started noticing that he has feelings for the capricious Reveler. However, he often tries to hide his feelings behind classic Lucha Libre machismo.

Powers/Equipment/Abilities: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Constitution, Enhanced Agility, Leaping
PL: 10
Source/Archetype: -

"First you see stars, then you're going to be wearing stripes."

Old Glory II (Rebecca Munroe) - Rebecca Munroe is the granddaughter of the original World War II patriotic supersolider (and sidekick to the Fighting Yank), Old Glory I. Her father didn't inherit any powers from the super soldier process, and it was assumed that Rebecca wouldn't either. However, after surviving being hit by a drunk driver at a young age, it was soon apperent that Rebecca was more than human. Rebecca grew up with tales of her grandfathers exploits and always wanted to be a hero. However, she respected her parents wishes and attended Los Lobos University and attended a degree in law and focused on metahuman law. She probably wouldn't have ever donned the tights of a hero, had it not be for the death of her grandfather in the the Vegas Incident. Hearing of her grandfather's death, Rebecca got in touch with some of her metahuman contacts and had them design a patriotic costume and shield and now she patrols the streets of San Andreas as the patriotic legacy, Old Glory.

Powers/Equipment/Abilities: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Constitution, Enhanced Dexterity, Nova Romana Steel Shield
PL: 10
Source/Archetype: Instant Superheroes pg 63 - "Super Soldier"

"...but as an expert at math accounting the how the Five City Saints O\/\/nZz j00r aZz."

MC Frontalot (Damien Hess) - The Damien Hess of the Punverse is much like his real world persona. However, in the Punverse Damien is not only the father of Nerdcore, but he is also the father or Metacore (not to be confused with Metalcore) rap. Front was the first to start dropping rhymes about capes and has a cult following, especially among younger heroes. It's considered a badge of honor to be mentioned in a Frontalot rhyme. Another major difference is that the Damien Hess of Five Cities is also a gifted metahuman inventor. While he normally leaves crimefighting to the other Saints, he's been known to unleash his nerd on crime in his Braggadacio Mark IV Power Suit. While he's not in the same league as some of the members, Front is more than capable of handling street-level threats.

Power: Super Intelligence, Enhanced Charisma, Braggadacio Mark IV Power Suit.
PL: 6
Source/Archetype: Street-Level Archetypes pg 7 - "Powered Armor"

Hack Barnstormer - For more information on Hack, check out the blog totally dedicated to him.

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