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Punverse - The Guard

In this post we'll take a look at the good guys' heavy hitters, the Guardians of Tarae Prime (the Guard).


The Guardians of Tarae Prime were formed in the late 1950's. When the Earth was attacked by the Intersteller Horde of Kazla they found themselves helpless to fight back. McCarthyism drove most heroes went into hiding, retired, or worked solo (because it was harder to be caught). However, the aging patriot, the Fighting Yank sent out a call that was answered by some old friends and new allies. Not wishing to see their ancestral home wiped out, a group of Legionanaires of the Nova Romana Empire aided the heroes and drove back the Horde. This Legionnaires charged the group with protecting Earth and dubbed them the Guardians of Tarae Prime (the group is more aften refered to as the Guard). Yank stayed on as the leader of the team, until his son Bruce Carter IV took up his father's mantle and became leader.

The group has the reputation of being the foremost team of paranormals on the planet. While not officially sponsered by any government (at least not on Earth), the group operates across the globe. The team currently has two main headquarters. The first is the Guard Mansion in NYC and the second is the Castellum, the groups satellite fortress. The group recieves donations from various governments, companies, the Nova Romana Empire, and the Fighting Yank's friendly rival, the Demon.

Current Roster:

"Let me show you what dad used to do to the Nazis."

The Fighting Yank (Bruce Carter IV) - Patriotic legacy hero, son of the original Fighting Yank and descendant of the revolutionary hero, Bruce Carter I. Yank's powers come from a mystical green cloak created by one of his ancestors. He is truly a hero's hero.

Power/Equipment/Abilities: Mystic Cloak (allows flight, super strength and endurance)
PL: 12
Archetype/Source: Adventures Into Darkness pg 12 - "The Fighting Yank"

"I will atone for my father's sins, if it takes me a life time."

Astral (Jordan Dane-Carter) - Jordan is the daughter of the corrupt mogul, Dominic Dane (of Dane Industries). Ignored by her father at a young age, she discovered her psyhic abilities. Using her powers, she learned of the her father's misdeads and decided to become a costumed heroine and make up for his evils. Astral is the voice of compassion for the team and married to Fighting Yank.

Powers/Equipment/Abilities: ESP, precognition, postcognition, mental blasts, astral projection
PL: 12
Archetype/Source: Silver Age pg 63 - "Psychic"

"*laughs* He reminds me of a Blue Gauzip from Aries Maximo. Hopefully his blood will be easier to clean from my blade."

Praetorian (Cassius Titanos) - Cassius is the son of a Nova Romana senator. An idealistic young soldier, he has recently be assigned to watch over Terae Prime. His position on the Guard was required by the Empire in order to gain their continued support.

Powers/Equipment/Abilities: Praetorian Shield and Gladius, advanced alien fighting techniques
PL: 10
Archetype/Source: Mecha and Manga pg 35 - "Warrior"

"Okay, the next guy that makes a comment about seeing my lucky charms is going to be in traction by morning."

Shillelagh (Brigid McManus) - Brigid is the sole survivor of an attack by the Irish terrorist cell, Balor's Brood. She was charged by her mythical namesake to heal the terrorized and downtrodden. She's hotheaded, and not as wise as her namesake, but she has the heart of a warrior poet.

Powers/Equipment/Abilities: Super Strength, Super Constitution, Life Support
PL: 12
Archetype/Source: Instant Superheroes pg 47 - "Paragon"

"By the Virulent Spheres of Yuggoth!"

Nodens (Ronald Williams) - Professor Williams was a British scholar and archeologists that stumbled upon the Trident of the Nodens. The mystic artifact transformed him into an avatar of the diety. Nodens soon started using his new found powers to fight the Third Reich. Recently with the death of his spiritual namesake, Nodens is in the process of ascending to true godhood.

Powers/Equipment/Abilities: Trident of Nodens (summon Nightgaunts, magical ability, superhuman strength, superhuman constitution, life support, flight)
PL: 15
Archetype/Source: Adventures Into Darkness pg 19 - "Nodens"

"For the ritual to go off without a hitch I need a vial of water from the Nile, three ounces of crushed diamond, and a bag of catnip. I need to be relaxed for this one."

Akh-tu-Men - The black cat, Akh, is actually the reincarnated priest of Amon-Ra. During the 40's and 50's he traveled with the Scarab. When his friend passed on to the next life, he became Nodens' "familiar." Akh nows serves as a mascot and source of knowledge for the Guard, a role he boths cherishes and is annoyed with.

Powers/Equipment/Abilities: Magic
PL: 5
Archetype/Source: Adventures Into Darkness pg 21 - "Akh-tu-Men"

"Please, give me a reason to use excessive force."

Sea-Devil (Michael Marsh) - Michael is the product of a one-night stand between the long-lived Deep-One Hybrid gangster, Devilfish, and an Atlantean sorceress. He left Atlantis at the age of 21, following a mysterious longing to travel to the coast of Massachusetts, he discovered an ancient city. His father then revealed his true heritage to him. He served his father faithfhully for nearly five years until he mysteriously decided to go on the straight-and-narrow path. Despite serving on the Guard for two years, there are still those that see him as a wild card.

Powers/Equipment/Abilities: Amphibious, Super Strength, Enhanced Constitution, Magic Sense, Claws
PL: 12
Archetype/ Source: Silver Age pg 56 - "Amphibian Warrior"

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