Sunday, July 4, 2010

Punverse - Nowhere Kids

I've talked about one of the "big name" team with a long history, now here's an example of new team.


The Nowhere Kids, as they've taken to calling themselves, formed a few years ago. Mr. Rage, a psychotic second generation villain, kidnapped various paranormal teens and children, for a secret Dane Industries program. Project Nowhere's purpose was to create expendable youth assassins. Most of the "recruits" where runaways and orphans, so no one would miss them. The project would have succeeded if not for the strong will of Mr. Rage's younger brother, the "trainee" codenamed Emo. Emo rallied his fellow captives and they made their escape. Since that time the group has traveled across the states, helping the poor and forgotten citizens of the world. The group has recently gained two new members, Goblyn Girl and Kid Nephilim. Due to Goblyn Girl's involvement, the group has gained a sense of stability, as they now have the backing of Nolan Industries and Kid Nephilim's adopted family the Guard.

"This ain't a scene..."

Emo (Kyle Dunn) - Kyle is the son of the silver age villain, Dr. Phobos, and silver age heroine, Mercy. Kyle is your typical "scene" kid, except he has enhanced charisma and the ability to influence emotions. Kyle was thrust into the role of leadership, but he's taken to it quite well. One of his current goals is to make more contacts among the metahuman world.

Powers/Equipment/Abilities: Emotion Control, Enhanced Charisma
PL: 8
Archetype/Sources: -


Nil (Name Unknown) - Nil was the first child captured by the Project. Much of the programming had already been ingrained in her by the time Emo lead his rebellion. Because of this Nil is an excellent sniper and has little memory of her past.

Powers/Equipment/Abilities: Superhuman hearing and vision, nightvision, "Thrill Kill" Omni-Rifle with "Eagle Eye" Omni-sight.
PL: 7
Archetype/Source: Mecha and Manga pg 21 - "Child Assassin"

"I'd take acne over horns any day."

Gore (Logan Conners) - Logan was once a happy carefree boy. Then the scientists of Project Nowhere Kids turned him into a monster. Unable to return to his normal form and understand what has truly happened to him, Gore, as he is now called, protects his new family, especially Nil, whom he has a crush on.

Powers/Equipment/Abilities: Super Strength, super constitution, cold resistence
PL: 8
Archetype/Source: Street-Level Archetypes 2 pg 5 - "Misunderstood Monster"

"Split ends are the worse."

Locks (Jane Locksley) - Jane's father weas a low level thug that ocasionally worked as a henchman for Mr. Rage. To save his own hide after a botched job, her father offered her up to Rage. Mr. Rage put her in Project Nowhere and killed her father. Jane is a beautiful, assertive girl and few suspect her powers lie within her golden locks.

Powers/Equipment/Abilities: Prehensile Hair
PL: 6
Archetype/Source: Freedom City: Street-Level Archetypes pg 7 - "Superpowered Orphan"

"This little girl's going to kick your ass."

Goblyn Girl (Lily Stone) - Goblyn Girl is the latest to bear the name Goblyn, and like her predecessors she works alongside the Demon. Lily isn't one of the original member of the Nowhere Kids, but joined recently. Once a very stoic girl, Lily has started to let her hair down and act like a kid, now that she's found true peers.

Powers/Equipment/Abilities: Advanced Martial Arts Training, various gadgets
PL: 8
Archetype/Source: Hero High pg 31 - "Protege"

"It's smitin' time."

Kid Nephilim (Ryan Grayson Lane) - Ryan is another recent addition to the team. Ryan is 1/4th angel and the son of the former Guard member, Wandering Nephilim. Ryan has inherited his father's abilities and started fighting crime recently. He met Emo at an MC Frontalot concert and the two imediately hit it off. Ryan hasn't officially joined the team, but he hangs out with the team on the weekend.

Powers/Equipment/Abilities: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Constitution, Wings, Empathic Healing, Nephilim Armor, "Smiter" (Wandering Nephilim's Holy Sword)
PL: 10
Archetype/Source: -


  1. I'm really enjoying reading through your Punverse posts. About your Project Nowhere...did you read the New 52 youth stuff? Kinda crazy what they incorporated well after you wrote this up!

    1. This blog was originally for the Punverse (hence the url).

      I have read the Titans stuff with Nowhere. I was inspired to use the name by a song.

    2. Maybe Scott Lobdell was one of your early blog readers...