Friday, April 15, 2011

Red Dead Redemption - Zombie John Marston

Without giving away any spoilers, at some point during Undead Nightmare, you gain control of a zombified John Marston. As a zombie, John's a beast, but a good one. I built him using the Core Rulebook, Fistful O' Zombies, Coffee Break of the Living Dead, and Enter the Zombie.

John Marston
Type: Zombie

(Basic Zombie Attributes/Powers +11)
Strength 5 Intelligence 2
Dexterity 5 Perception 2
Constitution 6 Willpower 2
Dead Points 30 Speed 22
Endurance Points -
Essence Pool 6

Fast as Hell 1, Fast Reaction Time 2, Hard to Kill 5, Nerves of Steel 3, Number One With a Bullet 1, Situational Awareness 2 (-2) Drawbacks: Honorable 1, Minority (Good Zombie) 1

(Basic Zombie Skills +37)
Brawling 5, Demolitions 2, Dodge 2, Driving (Stage Coach/Wagon) 1, First Aid 2, Gambling 1, Guns (Handgun) 5, Guns (Rifle) 4, Guns (Shotgun) 2, Hand Weapon (Knife) 3, Lasso 1, Riding 3, Stealth 2, Survival (Desert) 2, Throwing (Tomahawk) 3, Tracking 2

Zombie Aspects:
Weak Spot: Brain (6)
Getting Around: Life-Like (3)
Strength: Dead Joe Average (0)
Senses: Like the Living (1)
Sustenance: Daily (0) ; All Flesh Must Be Eaten (0)
Intelligence: Long-Term Memory (5), Problem Solving (15)
Spreading the Love: Nobody Loves Me (-5) [Coffee Break of the Living Dead]
Special: Dr. Doolittle (5) [Coffee Break of the Living Dead]
Power: +30

Dynamite (3 sticks), Holy Water (3 Vials)*, Large Knife, Lasso, LeMat Pistol, Pistol Ammo (100), Rabbit’s Foot, Rifle Ammo (100), Tomahawk (5), Winchester ‘76 Rifle, Undead Horse, Zombie Bait (5 vials)

*Acts as Corrosive Poison Str 5 against zombies, Marston and other zombies with similar origins are immune.

Zombie Marston Background


  1. I love this. I think you write up is spot on.

  2. I assumed John's weakness was the head/brain, since that's the weakspot of all of the other zombies in Undead Nightmare. Also, the holy water is more explosive in the game, but I wasn't quite sure how to stat it out. Maybe give it grenade states, but it only affects non-good zombies.

  3. Yeah it really makes it a splash effect weapon. I think a grenade is a good example.