Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Conan of Cimmeria

I'm working on a homebrew setting for an upcoming Basic D&D game. I'm using different modules and homebrew things to populate it. One of the npc's that will serve as a foil to the party (and potentially a replacement or fill-in pc) is going to be my amalagam of Conan. My inspiration for the build came from this post on B/X Blackrazor's blog.

Conan of Cimmeria
Alignment: Neutral
Class: Thief (Sharper)
Level: 6

AC: 4 (Leather, Dex, RoP +1)
HP: 38

Str: 16 (+2 hit, dmg, opening doors)
Int: 9 (Reads/Writes Common, Neutral)
Wis: 9
Dex: 17 (+2 hit missile, +1 Initiative)
Con: 18 (+3 HP/die)
Cha: 16 (+1 reaction)

Poison: 11
Magic Wand: 12
Paralysis: 10
Dragon Breath: 13
Spells: 12

Special Skills: Open Locks 45, Remove Traps 40, Pick Pockets 45, Move Silently 45, Climb Sheer Surfaces 92, Hide in Shadows 36, Hear Noise 1-3, Read Languages 80, “Striking Unnoticed” (+4 to hit, damage X2)

Attacks: Short Sword (+2, 1d6+2)

Equipment: Leather Armor, Short Sword, Ring of Protection +1, Bag of Holding

History/Background: Conan is a Cimmerian, northern barbarians from across the Bloodsalt Wastes. Born on the battlefield, even at a young age, his prowess was obvious. As a teenager, he left his tribe and became a wandering mercenary, bandit, and pirate.

Recently Conan has left his homeland and passed through the Bloodsalt and settled in the Borderlands. Here he preys primarily on the humanoids, though a few border fortifications and settlements have been his victims as well.

Tactics: Those that have seen Conan fight (and lived to tell the tale) compare him to a silent predator. He moves with the grace of a panther and strikes with the speed of cobra.

Roleplaying Notes: Conan is not an evil man, just an opportunistic and sometimes self-serving one. He possesses a barbaric code of honor and is extremely loyal to those that have proven themselves friends. He has a sly wit and is quite charming, despite his brutish frame.

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