Monday, June 20, 2011

Buffy Quicksheet Test

So I've finally got back in the swing of using photoshop and I've been messing around with some Buffy quicksheets. These are some early tests and I'm posting them in the order that I made them. You can tell an improvement as I progress. Cassie Myers was the (npc) Slayer of our group. She was a high school rocker and the love interest to my skater werewolf (who was also in her band). It was the classic they've been friends forever, he realized he had a thing for her, but she sees him as a friend. Thrust into the position of the Slayer she witnessed her Watcher sacrificing himself and was dominated by a wish empowered vampire. Combined with other stress, this put her in a coma.

As far as the quicksheet is concerned, I just used Times New Roman for the font. It looks okay, but you can see my spacing issues. The second to last session we played, my character Kyle, fought his doppleganger in the hospital to save Cassie. He then left to clear his head and as of the last session, she was still in a coma.Donna Taylor was a nice, but somewhat typical high school cheerleader. She just cared about her boyfriend and looking good. That was until her boyfriend was killed. Then things got worse when she was accidently killed by a Al, demonling member of the cast. However, another of the cast members, Reggie, was obsessed with ger and stole one of the Watcher's tomes to use a spell to bring her back. It worked, sort of. Because he used his blood (lots of it) in the ritual, Reggie and Donna are tied together. As long as she gets regular blood and ritual transfusions from him she looks human. However, if she goes too long without getting her fix, the lizard part of her brain starts taking over and she becomes more animalistic and obsessive. In addition during this time her body releases pheremones that drive men to find her extremely desirable.

With this quicksheet I used a font on the web I found called "Buffied." I really like it, but it is hard to read. You can see I figured out text position a bit better in this one. Also, the last little part in her background never came into play, but when we restart the series the guy playing Reggie said he wanted to add this bit of info, which is a nod to the movie Zombie Strippers. Danielle Pfeiffer was a misfit that the cast suspected of being the cause of deaths around the school. Upon investigation they learned that she was trying magic to make herself lose weight. It's not that Danielle is truly heavy, but she doesn't conform to the idealized female form in pop culture so she felt that she was fat and ugly. The fact that she had the nickname Danielle "The Heffer" Pfeiffer, didn't help her self-esteem much. The party soon realized that she was naive, but not dangerous. She then began to stalk my character Kyle, until she was shown some kindess by another cast member, Billy the Hunter (the character mentioned in my last post). Billy and Danielle dated until his untimely death.

I think this is the best looking of the quicksheets. The text seems aligned correctly, I use the Buffied font, but it's also readable because I use Times New Roman on most of it. When the series starts back up she'll be a bit more unhinged and it'll be up to the cast to keep her grounded.

So what do you guys think? Should I use the third format?

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