Thursday, November 15, 2012

AGE of Fangs: Vampires for the AGE System

Recently I've found myself becoming a big fan of Green Ronin's AGE system (which at the moment can be found as the Dragon Age tabletop).One of these days I'm going to get around to running an AGE of Freeport game, but until then I'm going to tinker with the system and see what I can make.

One of my favorite rpg monsters is the vampire.Sadly I haven't seen any vampire stats in the Dragon Age books (because there haven't been any vamps in DA) or Kobold Quarterly's AGE releases. By the gods we're gamers though, so if we don't have official stuff, we'll make our own. Below I've created a base vampire template and then listed other suggested powers for vampires.

BaseVampire Template

Dexterity (Bite), Strength (Claw)

Bite 1d6
Claw 1d6+2


Blood is Life A vampire that bites an unconscious or recently slain enemy can regain 2d6 Health by drinking blood. If used on an unconscious foe, the bite counts as a coup de grace.The vampire can choose to only regain 1d6 Health. If they do the attack isn't considered a coup de grace. If they choose to feed on the victim again before the victim regains Health then they only regain 1d6 Health and the attack is considered a coup de grace.

Dark Vision: Vampires can see in the dark as if it were daylight.

Thirst: If a vampire hits with its bite attack it can perform a special stunt costing 3 SP. The vampire regains Health equal to the targets Constitution + 1.

Other Suggested Vampire Powers

Creatures of the Night: The vampire can perform a special stunt costing 5 SP. He can chooe to summon 1d6 Blood Crows, 1d6 Giant Rats, or 2 Wolves (use Mabari War Dog stats)

Flight: The vampire gains a Fly speed equal to its regular speed.

Frenzied: The vampires blood thirst overpowers its sense of self preservation. The vampire automatically passes any Willpower (Morale) test it is required to take.

Mist Form: As a major action the vampire can turn into a cloud of mist. It ignores the effects of terrain and can be harmed by magical attacks. Other attacks simply pass harmlessly through them. They can return to their normal form as a minor action.

Shape Change: As a major action the vampire can take the form of a large bat or monstrous wolf. Use the Blood Crow for statics for the bat form and the Blight Wolf  for monstrous hound. The vampire Heath total, Cunning, Magic, and Willpower aren't changed, otherwise it uses the statistics of the creature.

Unholy Flesh: The death magic that gives the vampire life grants resilience to its flesh. The vampire gains an Armor Rating of 1-5.

Wall Crawling: The vampire can walk up walls and even on ceilings.

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