Saturday, November 24, 2012

Nostalgia - Avariels

I was looking for something earlier and came across this picture:

I'd forgotten about this pic.It's the avariel picture from the The Complete Book of Elves. The elf book was the first D&D book  I bought. I love(d) that book and as strange is it sounds this picture changed me. It started my obsession with avariels which later turned into an obsession with angels and nephilim.

I've played two avariel.

The first (which I used the Complete Book of Elves to create) was Will, the avariel fighter. Yeah I know the name is original. He was a fun character and of all my character's he's the only one to get to level 20 (we didn't cap levels in 2nd edition).

My other avariel was Will's son, Ulic Razorwing. Ulic was first played in 3.0 and later converted over to 3.5. He's a (homebrew stat) avariel fighter/wizard/bladesinger. He is my all time favorite D&D character and when I think about him it is like thinking about an old friend.

My later Mutants and Masterminds characters, the Wandering Nephilim and Kid Nephilim are basically my supers versions of Will and Ulic.

I decided to share a few art pieces my best friend created of Ulic.

An early sketch of a younger Ulic.

Ulic by *TheNephwrack on deviantART

A later sketch of a more mature Ulic.

Ulic Razorwing by *TheNephwrack on deviantART

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