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The Wandering Nephil - M&M 3E

I have had an obsession with nephilim for about ten years now. It's a long convoluted story but it all has to do with my best friend Amber, my fascination with angels, and the fact that I don't know my biological father. So years ago I combined those ideas with my love of comic books and created the Wandering Nephilim (Neph to his friends) . He was an sometimes naive, sometimes brash, but overall truly good hero. He has parts of me and what I wanted to be. I planned on playing him in a supers game. Well that game never came, but the stories in my head did. Eventually I moved on, got married, and had a son. This led to my decision to kill of Wandering Nephilim and create his son, Kid Nephilim. Yeah on some level this was me letting go of my past.

Well things change (as they always do) and I've decide to resurrect the Wandering Nephil. Sort of at least, in my version of the Freedomverse, he's dead and his son is an active hero, but being part angel there is nothing saying that he can't come back temporarily.

One day I'll write up his tales but here's a bit of background/summary for now: 

Nathaniel Avery was raised in a loving home by his mother and stepfather.  Born with feathery wings, Nathaniel always knew he was different. As he grew he found that he had the power to heal others, at the cost of his own well being. Inspired by tales of the Liberty and Freedom Leagues, Nathaniel donned a costume and became Kid Angel. After a few years of crime fighting he learned the true nature of his powers and met his father, the self-exiled angel Avarialus. His father gave him his holy blade, which Nathaniel nicknamed "Smiter" and gave him his blessing to continue fighting for those who couldn't fight for themselves.

He changed his costume and started calling himself the Wandering Nephil. He was active during the gritty age of the 80's and, like the Centurion, served as one of the examples of classic heroism in the dark age. Even the most hardened of heroes, couldn't resist his charm.  It was during this time that Neph (as his friends started calling him) met the femme fatale, Ms. Direction. The two played a flirtatious game of cat and mouse for a few years, before Neph convinced her to retire from the meta life and settle down with him.

Tragically the Wandering Nephil's life was cut short when a rival kidnapped the now pregnant, Ms. Direction. Neph stopped the villains plan, but his child was killed in the struggle. Using his empathic healing one last time, he gave his life to resurrect his unborn son.  

The Wandering Nephil was never a hero in the spotlight, but he was a source of hope in a dark time and those that new him, never forgot him.

These stats represent Neph towards the end of his life.

The Wandering Nephil- PL 12
Name: Nathaniel  “Neph” Avery
Strength 5, Stamina 5, Agility 4, Dexterity 4, Fighting 5, Intellect 2, Awareness 5, Presence 4
Attractive, Inspire, Interpose, Jack-of-all-Trades, Languages (Latin, Hebrew, Enochian), Leadership, Quick Draw,  Ritualist

Acrobatics 4 (+8), Close Combat: Swords 6 (+11), Expertise: Magic 8 (+10), Investigation 8 (+10), Persuasion 10 (+14), Treatment 8 (+10)

Bloodline Sense 
Feature 1 - Can detect  Avarialus' descendants

Martyr’s Healing
Healing 10 (Empathic) – 10 points

Flight 10 (Wings) – 10 points
Protection 6 – 6 points
Regeneration 6 – 6 points

Strike 7 (Penetrating 10, Removable, Strength Based) - 11 points

Initiative +2
“Smiter” +11, Close Damage 12 (Penetrating 10)
Unarmed +5, Close Damage 4

Enemies: Neph’s father, Avarialus, has made many enemies, enemies that have no compunction against taking out their frustration on Neph.
Motivation- Doing Good: Neph’s purpose in life is to make the world a better place, whether it’s by fighting crime, or feeding the poor.
Relationship: Neph is devoted to his wife, the retired ex-villain Ms. Direction. He does everything in his power to give her a nice quiet home life, though this rarely seems to happen.

English, Enochian, Hebrew, Latin

Dodge 10, Parry 10, Fortitude 10, Toughness 12, Will 12

Power Points
Abilities 68, Powers 44,  Advantages 10, Skills 22 (44 ranks) + Defenses 24= 168 Points

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