Friday, January 25, 2013

Turtles in Time - Venus de Milo

Okay, now that the brothers are out of the way it's time to go with secondary and tertiary characters (and other requests).  This is Venus de Milo, the apocryphal fifth Turtle. Sister to the others, she's a sore spot to some Turtles fans (and according to some things I've read one of the two creators). She only appeared in the live-action series, Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation (the Fox series that had a crossover with Power Rangers... which could be a new line of... no I refuse!). While I wasn't exactly a fan, as a female friend of mine pointed out, "If you were a geeky girl growing up, she rocked."

I'm going to be honest, I don't remember much about her and had to check out the wikipedia page to refresh. One of the main things I remember though was that she practiced magic. Since that doesn't exist in the Whoverse, I gave her psychic powers.

Name: Venus de Milo
Species: Mutant Animal/Alien
Home Tech Level: 5 - 21st Century
Home Planet/Dimension: Earth NM
Personal Goal: 
Story Points: 12

Awareness 4   Coordination 5
Ingenuity 3     Presence 3
Resolve 5        Strength 3

Alien,  Armour (Minor), Environmental (Aquatic), Quick Reflexes, Precognition, Psychic  Telekinesis, Tough

Alien Appearance (Minor), Code of Conduct (Major), Technically Inept

Athletics 3,  Craft 2,  Fighting  3, Knowledge 3 (Mysticism), Marksman 3 (Telekinesis/Mystic Orbs),  Medicine 2,  Subterfuge 2, Survival 2, Transport 2

When Splinter gathered the Turtles, he accidentally missed a fifth turtle.Somehow the young turtle made her way to Chinatown where she was found by a bushido mystic named I Chung (who named her Mei Pieh Chi). She was trained in the mystic arts, but not ninjitsu like the others (though she was trained to fight).Upon his death I Chung informed her of her true origin and she ventured to New York to rejoin the other Turtles. After their first victory, she took the name Venus de Milo, to be more like her artistically named Turtles. She was shown to wield mystic orbs in combat.

Other Notes:
These versions of the Turtles were not biologically related. This was probably to make a romantic subplot between Venus and one of the other Turtles possible.

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