Friday, January 25, 2013

Turtles in Time - Donatello

(The Turtles are on roughly equal footing with a starting character, though they may be a few points over the starting amount.)

Name: Donatello
Species: Mutant Animal/Alien
Home Tech Level: 5 - 21st Century
Personal Goal: Invent and Learn
Story Points: 12

Awareness 3   Coordination 4
Ingenuity 5     Presence 3
Resolve 3        Strength 3

Alien,  Armour (Minor), Boffin, Environmental (Aquatic), Quick Reflexes, Technically Adept, Tough

Alien Appearance (Minor), Code of Conduct (Minor)

Athletics 3,  Craft 1,  Fighting  3, Knowledge 3 , Marksman 2, Science 5 (Gadgetry), Subterfuge 4 (Sneaking), Survival 1, Technology 3, Transport 3

Stuff: Bo Staff (Str + 2 Damage), various gadgets

If Michelangelo is the heart of the Turtles, then Donatello is the brains. He is easily the most intelligent of the brothers and tends to speak in technobabble. He tends to focus more on technology than ninjitsu. The Turtles have benefited from this though, as Donatello has created most of their gear. This sometimes causes him to have a chip on his shoulder, but he is ultimately an optimistic turtle.

The Turtles origins have always been tied to the Ooze (though Michael Bay's film is supposed to make them aliens). In some versions the Ooze was created on Earth but in a few it is of alien origin. Donatello is very similar in most depictions of TMNT. However it should be noted that in the newest version he has a serious crush on April.

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