Monday, February 11, 2013

Tremors - 01 - Graboids

In the past I have expressed my love for the Tremors movies. They are cheesy as hell, but a lot of fun. Also, as I mentioned in my post yesterday I'm looking for new aliens and creatures to through into an upcoming Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space campaign that I'd like to run. Why not Graboids?

Since I have both Doctor Who:AITAS and Primeval (which use the same system) I statted out Graboids using Primeval (which has more creature rules). If you don't have Primeval there is still enough here to use in a Who game. 
Awareness 5 Coordination 2 Ingenuity 1
Presence 4 Resolve 4 Strength 15
Speed: Average  Size: Huge
Maximum Threat: 12
Threshold: 6

Aggressive; Graboids are quick to attack. When attacked their threshold is reduced by two.
Armour: 4
Burrow: Graboids can burrow through the earth with relative ease. Normally thick stone and harder substances will stop them (though see below).
Bite: Graboids have massive jaws and that can literally bite a man in two. Their bite attack can do Strength + 2 damage.
Tremorsense: Graboids detect things by sensing vibrations in the earth. They are considered to have an Awareness 5 for that purpose. If vibrations aren't felt, they are considered to have an Awareness of 1. 

Threat Powers
Break Through (2 Threat): The graboid can attempt to break through a harder substance. They gain a +4 bonus to their Str+Athletics task.
Extend Mouth Tentacles (2 Threat): The Graboid shoots out three serpent-like tentacles, attacking for 6 damage (4/8/12) with a +2 bonus to the attack.

Skills: Athletics 4, Fighting 2, Marksman 1, Survival 2

For Doctor Who: This one is simple enough. Have a malfunctioning TARDIS land in an isolated area with an active Graboid population (such as Perfection, NV). The Doctor and Companions have to stay alive, while trying to repair the TARDIS.

For Primeval: The first use of Graboids in a Primeval game is obvious. Have an anomaly send the characters back to the time of the Graboids. The movies intentionally kept this vague. Another interesting idea would be to send the party to an isolated area in which Graboids have resurfaced (much like Perfection, NV). What do the characters do when they realize that the problem can't be solved by sending the creatures back through an anomaly? 
Over the next few days I will post the stats for Shriekers, Assblasters (which I will rename Bumblasters), and  probably El Blanco. 

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