Sunday, February 10, 2013

Attack the Block (Updated with Primeval and Doctor Who: AITAS stats)

This weekend I had the pleasure of watching one of my favorite monster flicks of the past few years, Attack the Block. The film centers around a young London street gang that must defend themselves from alien invaders. The movie is fun, and while none of the characters are that appealing at the start, they really do grow on you (which is one of the points of the film). I didn't really recognize any of the actors other than Nick Frost (who doesn't have a major role in the movie). If you haven't seen the movie I highly recommend it. Its fun, has great dialogue, and memorable characters.
Of course, I had to find some sort of gaming application for the movie. I've been looking for "new" aliens to throw into a Doctor Who game so I decided to stat our the unamed alien invaders.

(Revised on 2-11-13:  Forgot to give aliens skill ranks. Also, traits for the compatible Primeval RPG have been added. Revis again on 10-10-13, I don't know why I didn't think of the name Blue Tooth. Snagged name from this post over at A Field Guide to Doomsday.)


Awareness 3
Coordination 4
Ingenuity 1
Presence 5
Resolve 3
Strength 6

Athletics 3, Fighting 4, Subterfuge 3 (Stealth), Survival 3

For Doctor Who:AITAS
Alien Appearance (major)
Alien Sense (Pheromone)
Armour (minor)
Climbing (major)
Environmental Adaptation (Vacuum, major)
Fear Factor
Natural Weapons (minor)

For Primeval
Speed: Fast  Size: Average
Maximum Threat: 10
Threshold: 5 (Unless target is covered in pheromone, in which the Blue Tooth will always attack).

Armour: 4
Claws: Blue Teeth have climbing claws that can also be used to slash at opponents. They do Strength damage (3/6/9).
Bite: Blue Teeth have strong jaws and sharp, tearing teeth. It has a bite attack that does Strength+2 damage)

Fear Factor 1: +2 to rolls when trying to intimidate prey, and humans need to make a Fear test when they first meet the monster.

Threat Power:
Frenzy (Costs 4 Threat): The Blue Tooth goes into a frenzy, attacking savagely until it misses with an attack or makes five attacks, whichever comes first. While frenzying, the monster cannot make Reactions.

Blue Teeth are blind, gorilla-sized aliens with spiky black fur. Their fur is so dark that it reflects no light. However, the creatures can be detected in the darkness because of their multiple rows of glowing blue teeth. Blue Teeth are simple bestial creatures. They travel through space likes spores, drifting on solar winds until the find a suitable planet.  When they find a such a place, the female releases a strong pheromone that attracts the males.Any none Blue Teeth covered in the pheromone will be hunted mercilessly as prey. The dangerous creatures can be quite formidable and more than one community has been destroyed by an infestation.


  1. A much underrated movie in my mind. I went in really not expecting much, but bloody loved it by the end. Especially when you delve deeper and read about how the creature effects were done. Nice idea for using the bad guys too, I'd actually love to see what the Doctor made of them.

    Loving the new header by the way...

    1. Thanks. I'll have to read up on the creature effects.