Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Look and Cool Whovian News

First I'd like to point out my amazing new banner. My good friend Devan,  made it for me. Originally I asked him to sketch my favorite D&D character Ulic(my second generation avariel bladesinger). The pic I've posted here is the WIP. After seeing it I asked Devan if he could make me a banner for this and my Tumblr pages. Being the amazing guy he is, he made one. I think it looks awesome. Now to mess with the rest of the code to get this blog looking spiffy.

In other random news Cubical 7 made a really cool announcement today. In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who they are going to release source books for each Doctor. They even have a couple of "subscription" packages. I will admit that I'm still going back and watching the original series, but simply from a gaming standpoint I think this idea is fantastic. While the price tag my seem a bit high, they're actually giving a nice little chunk off the total price. Plus they'd look great on a shelf. Here's a pic of the spines of all Eleven books.

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