Monday, April 1, 2013

A is for American Horror Story (Warning Spoilers)

Before I get started I just wanted to say thanks to Arlee Bird for creating the A-Z Blog Challenge.

If you are looking for inspiration for setting, atmosphere, and characters for use in the World of Darkness I think FX's American Horror Story is perfect.  I loved Season 1 (which is available on Netflix), though I admit I've only seen a few episodes of Season 2.The dark imagery and mood is a really good example of what the World of Darkness is like. The characters are flawed, vices rule lives (though virtues come into play occasionally),  and everything has a (dark) history I think Season 1 is a must watch for anyone running a mortal/Hunter: The Vigil  game involving ghosts or anyone playing Geist: Sin-Eaters. I have heard some negative things about season 2, but like I said I haven't watched enough to make a personal judgement. Season 3 comes out this fall and is called Coven. I'm very excited because I love witches and Kathy Bates is joining the cast. I wanted to include some game statistics so I've statted up my favorite character, Tate. If you'd like to try running an American Horror Story yourself, download A Nightmare At Hill Manor, a free "quickstart" scenario that contains a trimmed down version of the White Wolf storytelling rules.

Spoilers below.
Tate Langdon
Background: Tate Langdon was born in 1977, While he didn't suffer from any mental of physical defect like his siblings, he was quite psychologically disturbed. Hating his mother he looked towards the ghost of Nora Montgomery for comfort. Tate's dark impulses finally boiled over one school day in 1994. He was the gunman in a mass shooting at his school. He then went home, where he was killed by a SWAT team. Tate then "lived" on in the murder house as a ghost, where committed several more murders. 

Description: Tate is a handsome young man who appears in his midteens. He has a grunge-like appearance  which isn't strange considering he died in 1994. His attitude is typically sullen and weary, though he can be quite animated when he goes on his rants about humanity or is acting on behalf of those he loves.

Storytelling Hints: The Devil is beautiful but that makes him no less monstrous. The same applies to Tate. He is misguided, but devoted. Once he cares for a person he stop at nothing to protect and "care" for them.

Attributes: Power 5, Finesse 4, Resistance 5
Willpower: 10
Morality: 3
Virtue: Justice
Initiative: 9
Defense: 5
Speed: 19
Size: 5 
Manifestation (Dice Pool 9): Tate can automatically manifest within the grounds of Murder House. However, to manifest outside of this area requires a Power+Finesse roll , with a base penalty of -4.
Terrify (Dice Pool 9): Tate can strike terror in the hearts of mortals who witness his manifestation. Roll Power + Finesse in a contested roll against the victims Resolve + Composure. If Tate loses the roll or it is a tie, then the mortal is unaffected. If Tate wins the roll, the mortal must flee for the remainder of the scene.


  1. Hi Justin. I was on the fence about checking this show out. I'm going to give it a try. Thanks.

  2. Very nice writeup. I just finished watching season one of American Horror Story on Netflix. It was really well done.

    And good luck with the A to Z challenge!

  3. I'm not a gamer but still want to comment since I'm visiting from AtoZ. Last year was my first time, and you're right: it will help you get in the habit of posting more often. Have fun!

  4. American Horror Story is definitely high up there on the creepy-horror factor list. Great series. And I like what you did with Tate. Hew as probably one of the most diverse characters. And the attributes you have for him are all too appropriate.


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  5. I still need to watch these. So I didn't read.
    But glad you are on the Blogfest!