Monday, April 1, 2013

Blog Introduction

Greetings, Bonjour, Howdy, and Vendui,

Before posting my first entry in the A-Z challenge I thought I'd type up a quick intro.

My name is Justin and Halls of the Nephilim is my gaming blog. I tend to focus on roleplaying games (though I've been known to occasionally discuss card games, board games, and video games). I am participating in the blog challenge because I've never done a challenge this large and I really want to get in the habit of blogging more.

For the challenge I am going to post things for the World of Darkness storytelling games. This is a line of stand-alone (but compatible)  modern horror-themed roleplaying games. These posts will be related to the entire line and not just one specific game. I plan on writing up creatures, characters, locations, and items that anyone can use to populate their WoD game. I may also discuss other forms of horror media and how they can serve as inspiration for the World of Darkness (as I'm doing today)..


  1. Great! Looking forward to see it all!


  2. Just read through your posts for A-toZ. Good stuff so far. :) I'm an older WoD player myself. Have you seen "Kindred: The Embraced" tv show?

    1. I definitely played a lot of older WoD stuff, but now I play the new. I have seen the series, though it was only a couple of years ago that I had the opportunity.