Monday, April 29, 2013

Y is for the Yellow Sign

As my friends can attest, I'm more than a bit obsessive about the Yellow Sign. While I don't have it yet, my first tattoo will be of the Yellow Sign.

The symbol is the focus of the Unspeakable One, Hastur notably in his incarnation the King in Yellow.  The sign is usually useless unless imbued with mystical energy or the King's arrival to Earth is eminent. The sign causes madness and warps the dreams of those that view, notably artistic types.

While this is is normally associated with Call of Cthulhu, the elder gods and mythos works are fitting additions to the World of Darkness (as I've mentioned previously).

World of Darkness Stats

Any character viewing an empowered Yellow Sign risks gaining a temporary derangement. Character must make a Willpower roll. Success means they are a bit shaken, but otherwise unharmed. Failure indicates they gain a mild derangement (of the storyteller's choosing) until the end of the story.

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  1. I love it when geekery and tattoos mix. I'm currently saving up to get one of own designs done. A couple of years back I played in a game as conman and member of a Shadow Cartel, and all members had a crescent moon tattoo. Having designed a few tattoos fro friends and myself in the past, I took a shot at doing some of my own. One ended up looking a bit Batman, but I've always liked the one on the top right.