Monday, May 27, 2013

Mastermind Monday - The Grue Unity

Today I present you with 3rd Edition stats members of the Grue Unity, Freedom City's version of the Skrulls.

The Grue Unity

The Grue Unity is an expansionist, militaristic, interstellar empire in the Milky Way. The grue are are protean race ruled by the Meta-Mind (an entity similar to Marvel's Kree Supreme Intelligence), They have highly advanced technology and a strong military (which can be coordinated telepathically by the Meta-Mind).If not for the efforts of the Lor Republic, they would probably rule the universe.

The Grue's caste society looks down on "solid" creatures (those unable to shape shift).They've had a presence on Earth since 1947 and have attempted several invasions.

Grue Drone
PL 3/ MR 3
Str 2 ,Sta 2, Agl 0, Dex 0, Fgt 3, Int 0,  Awe 0, Pre –1

Drone Physiology (Morph 3 [Humanoids]) -15 Points

Deception 4 (+3), Perception 2 (+2).Ranged Combat (Blasters) 4 (+4), Technology 2 (+2)

Init +0, Attack +3 (Close, Damage 2)
Grue Pistol +4, (Ranged, Damage 5)

Equipment 2

Dodge 3, Parry 3, Fortitude 3, Toughness 2, Will 3

Totals: Abilities 12 + Powers 15 + Advantages 2 + Skills 6 (12 Ranks) + Defenses 7= 39 Total  points.

Grue "drones" are the lowest caste. They have limited awareness and are controlled by higher castes (and those with advanced psychic abilities). While they are capable of acting n their own, they have abilities on their own.

Grue Metamorph
PL 6/ MR 7
Str 4 ,Sta 4, Agl 0, Dex 0, Fgt 6, Int 2,  Awe 2, Pre 3

Metamorph Physiology (Variable 5 [Assumed forms, allocate 5 power points per rank]) - 35 Points
Psychic Infiltrator (Comprehend 1 [Languages], Mind Reading 3 ( Reduced Range: Touch), Weaken 1 (Awareness, Save vs. Will, Increased Duration) - 4 Points

Deception 6 (+9), Insight 2 (+5), Investigation 4 (+6), Perception 4 (+6).Ranged Combat (Blasters) 6 (+4), Stealth 4 (+4), Technology 2 (+4)

Init +4, Attack +6 (Close, Damage 4)
Grue Pistol +6, (Ranged, Damage 5)

Equipment 2, Improved Initiative 1, Jack of All Trades

Dodge 6, Parry 6, Fortitude 6, Toughness 4, Will 6

Totals: Abilities 32 + Powers 39 + Advantages 4 + Skills 14 (28 Ranks) + Defenses 14=  103 Total  points.

Grue metamorphs are intelligent self-aware Grue "commissioned" for infiltration missions. They have a weak will draining ability to aid them in their duties. Unlike drones, they have true shape shifting abilities.

Rogue Grue

Occasionally a grue will gain self awareness and go "rogue." There are three known rogue grue. The first is Pseudo of the Freedom League (an analogue of DC's Martian Manhunter, who's 3E stats can be found in Chapter 2 of Emerald City Knights).The second is Meta-Grue (analogue of Marvel's Super Skrull), a selfish rogue who seeks replace the Meta-Mind  and rule the empire. The final is Changeling (analogue of DC's Miss Martian), a teenage grue from an alternate dimension. The grue of Changeling's dimension are individuals and altruistic.  Also Xeno of the Sentinels is an alien who's origins are tied in with the grue.


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