Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Cabin in the Woods - Unicorns

I watched The Cabin in the Woods again last night and was inspired. I've mentioned the film briefly before. I think I'd like to include elements of the movie into my next cine-uni game. A conspiracy that tracks down monsters to appease a Hellgod? It could work. I mean Whedon was involved. I thought I'd start statting up the various creatures seen in the movie. Don't expect it to be an every day thing (like I actually blog every day...). Still you can expect to periodically see new monster posts. I'll start with my favorite, the unicorn.
Name: Unicorn
Motivation: Protect Magic
Critter Type: Magical Critter
Attributes: Str 8, Dex 4, Con 5, Int 2, Per 3, Will 4
Ability Scores: Muscle 22, Combat 16, Brains 11

Life Points: 83                   Drama Points: 5

Special Abilities: move 75 yards a turn, sense magic, sense virginity


Name                    Score                     Damage               Notes

Bite                        16                           19                           Slash/Stab

Impale                  16                           25                           Slash/Stab

Trample               16                           45                           Bash          

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