Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ravenfell Kickstarter

While I haven't pledged yet, I keep coming back to Fat Dragon Games Ravenfell Kickstarter. The project is printable city/village terrain. If you go for the full "Duke" package, which is what I'm thinking about pledging, you get the files for the village, ruins, and sewers.
I own a few FD releases. I have two different ships, a bridge, and an orcish watchtower. I also have a few dungeon set pieces that were included in a 4E Goodman Games DCC adventure. They all look fantastic. I know minis and terrain aren't a necessity of the game, but they are cool additions.

You should check the project out. It's already met it's goal and now they're just working on unlocking stretch goals. I'm pretty excited about Baba Yaga's Hut and Gazebo of Doom being (unlocked) goals.

I also wanted to include this, so that you know how classy this project is.

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