Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A is for Assassin

If you're here because of the April A-Z blog challenge, welcome! Halls of the Nephilim is my table-top gaming blog. I post about all sorts of rpgs. Originally I'd planned on posting Mutants and Mastermind (a superhero rpg) stats for heroes and villains of my own design. However, I've been in a Dungeons and Dragons mood so I decided to do 26 npcs (non player characters) that could be dropped into games. In addition to the fluff, I plan on including some sort of crunch with each character.

Without further ado, A is for Assassin...

Valérie the "child" assassin

Valérie is a 300+ year old vampire assassin. Being embraced by a nosferatu at age 10, she eternally has the body of a child. Her master taught her the art of stealth and murder. Eventually she turned these skills on him. After years of prowling the wilderness alone, she joined a prominent assassin's guild. 

She uses her innocent appearance to lure victims, before dispatching them with merciless unholy strength. Despite her evil nature, she has a soft spot for children, especially orphans. She has been known donate a portion of her earnings to local orphanages and refuses to take contracts out on children.

She maintains four coffins, one in the assassin's guild headquarters, two hidden in the orphanages she helps fund, and another hidden in cave near the city.

Armor Class: 2
Hit Dice: 7
HP: 45
Move: 120' (40'), Flying 180' (60')
Attacks: 2 claws + 1 Bite
Damage: 1-6/1-6/1-4 +special
Save As: Fighter 7
Morale: 11
Alignment: Chaotic

Valérie is undead, which grants her immunity to sleep, charm, and hold spells. In addition she can only be hit with magical weapons. She may be turned as a typical vampire.

She may attempt to charm any who gaze into her innocent looking eyes. The victim must save vs. Spells or be affected as if they were targets of the charm spell, with a -2 penalty. A charmed victim is totally under Valérie's control, though they can't cast spells.

Valérie's bite attack deals one point of Constitution damage per successful hit. This damage may be healed at the rate of one point per day of total rest.

Valérie regenerates 3 hit points per round as soon as she's damaged. If reduced to 0 she will not regenerate, but will become a gaseous cloud and seek to return to her coffin.

Valérie has the following Thief abilities: Open Locks 55, Remove Traps 50, Pick Pockets 55, Move Silently 90, Climb Sheer Surfaces 100, Hide in Shadows 90, Hear Noise 1-4. She also gains a +4 to attack and deals double damage when striking unnoticed.  If using Lamentations of the Flame Princess, assume she has the following Specialist abilities: Climb (automatic), Search (3 in 6), Sleight of hand (3 in 6), Sneak Attack (5 in 6), Stealth (5 in 6), Tinker (3 in 6).

Weaknesses: Valérie cannot come within 10' of a strongly presented holy symbol, though she may move to attack the bearer if she attacks from another angle. The odor of garlic repels her (save vs. Poison, or cannot attack that round). She has no reflection and cannot cross running water.

Destroying Valérie:
Valérie can be destroyed by driving a wooden stake through her heart or by immersion in running water for 1 turn. If exposed to direct sunlight, she must make a saving throw vs Death Ray (or Poison if using LotFP), each round or disintegrate. Note that a continual light spell will not disintegrate her, though it will partially blind her (giving her a -4 "to hit" penalty). If all of her coffins are destroyed or blessed, her regeneration ceases to function. She will then lose 5 hit points a day until her hit points are reduced to 0 and she becomes immobile.

Valérie is my tribute/rip-off of Skyrim's Babette and Interview with a Vampire's Claudia. She is my own version of vampire which is lifted heavily from the B/X version and one of the Basic Creature books I own's nosferatu. 


  1. Vampires have never been all that scary to me but the child vampire has always freaked me out. This likely stems from my pre-existing fear of children and child birth *shudders*.

    Love the Babette influence by the way. Always hated finding her wandering around in the woods...

    Nicky @ http://njmagas.wordpress.com/2014/04/01/a-is-for/

    1. I've not found vampires scary in years, but I love them. I cut my teeth (or fangs as the case may be) on the old Hammer Horror flicks.

      I love the Dark Brotherhood, Babette in particular.

  2. Very cool! I could use a dangerous little waif like this.

    Timothy S. Brannan
    The Other Side, April Blog Challenge: The A to Z of Witches

  3. Yikes! She is a fright in that picture!

  4. Whoah, that pic is creepy! Reminds me of Claudia in Interview with a Vampire...