Thursday, April 10, 2014

I is for Innkeeper

As I mentioned this post the other day, taverns, inns, and bars are an essential part of D&D. Someone needs to run these places and keep them in check. That's why this post is dedicated to the innkeepers, barkeeps, and serving wenches that populate our games.

It be 2 gold a night, because I is for Innkeeper...

Sal Sharptusk

Sal the half-orc is a retired adventurer. In his younger days he traveled the world as a mercenary with his childhood friend (the father of Zalfir). Unlike his brethren, battle never claimed old Sal.

He used the earnings to buy an inn and retire. While uneducated, Sal is a shrewd business man and his experience has taught him a lot. Despite his gruff demeanor, he has a good heart and his establishment is often seen a a safe haven to those in Cheap Side. Sal has a strict no weapons policy in the bar. Guests must stow weapons in Sal's vault (though those staying for the night may store them in their rooms). Despite, the no weapons policy, Sal's Place is often the seen of bar brawls. The old half-orc sometimes encourages these and is known to join in, brandishing his prized war mug.

Sal knows that he won't live forever and having never fathered a son is looking for a suitable heir to inherit his belongings.

War Mug
These ornate drinking vessels were gifted to an ancient order of the Lord of Battle by the priests of the god of drinking for thanks for some long forgotten quest. These ceramic mugs are as hard as steel. They never break and can be used in combat as weapons (inflicting 1d6 bludgeoning damage). They are considered magical weapons for the purposes of damaging creatures and alcohol poured in them never goes flat/sours.

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