Saturday, April 12, 2014

K is for King

Today's post is dedicated to my favorite vocalist and the man I will be lusting after on stage tonight, Wil Francis (aka William Control). One of my favorite lyrics is, "I'm only human sometimes, I am the king of disorder." This post is a spiritual successor to my I is for Incubus post last year. Yeah, I may be more than a little obsessed with this guy.

*regains composure*

So yeah, K is for King...

William Control

"I'm only human sometime. I am the king of disorder."

Titles: The King of Disorder, The Illuminator, The Revelator
Portfolio: Lust, Love, Art
Worshipers: outcasts, artists, whores, hopeless romantics, freedom fighters
Cleric Alignments
LN   N   CN
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Favored Weapon: Dagger/Razor
Domains: Chaos, Charm, Darkness, Liberation

William Control is a lesser known god of outcasts, art, love, and lust. He commands his followers to "to startle lifeless ones from their profound slumber, rousing from their lethargy with a refreshed awakening."

Once a mortal artist through a series of adventures and hardships he became the consort of the Queen of the Succubi, and eventually a minor god in his own right.

William is universally despised by the gods of law and order. He has friendly relations with the various gods and goddesses of lust, art, and alcohol. To a lesser extent he is on good terms with the gods and goddesses of beauty and love, though they disapprove his self destructive ways. For reasons unknown, he has cordial relations with the gods of death.

Appearance and Emissaries
William appears as a darkly seductive human. He has raven, always styled hair, and tattoos. The smell of leather, lace, and sex accompanies him.


Jude - Jude is a fallen angel and lover of William. She seeks to do William's will on the prime material plane and aid his followers.

Jaxis Black- Jaxis is a succubus and William's chief servant. She loves sweet wine and sweeter company.

Church of William Control
William's "church" is a loose confederation of artists, brothel owners, and outcasts.

Temples and Shrines
William has no temples proper. His worshipers tend to have small shrines dedicated to him in their homes. Dens of vice will occasionally have shrines to the "King of Disorder."

Holy Texts
The only holy texts to the church is a collection of song and prose that William wrote during his mortal years.

William's church has no specific holidays, though his followers tend to enjoy other holidays that promote drinking and debauchery.

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