Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday in Freeport - The Beginning

For today's Friday in Freeport I thought I'd post what started it all, the original Freeport Trilogy. Death in Freeport came out in August of 2000, before the 3rd edition Dungeon Master's Guide or Monster Manual.

Death in Freeport was followed by Terror in Freeport. 
The trilogy was concluded with Madness in Freeport.
I didn't get to play the original Freeport Trilogy when it came out. I was still in high school when it was released, my local shop didn't care 3rd party material, and my mom wouldn't order things online for me. However, I did get to run the trilogy when Green Ronin re-released it in one collected volume and updated to 3.5. I had a group of WTF characters (it was the game I learned never to say "make whatever you want"). The party complained about all of the underhanded things (despite being told it was a PIRATE campaign). Eventually, I had a falling out with two of the three players. That being said, I had fun running the adventure (even if I never got to finish it).

Has anyone else played through or ran these? If so, what was your experience?

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