Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rippers for Sale

I'm selling my copy of Rippers on Ebay. You can find the auction here. Rippers is a Savage Worlds settings in the style of VanHelsing or League of Extraordinary. It's a really cool setting for Savage Worlds. The pdf is 19.99 and right now my action is only around 12 bucks (plus shipping).  If you're interested in Victorian gaming, steampunk, or classic monsters, check it out.

"Everybody knows there are no such things as monsters…
…You know better.
You are a Ripper—one of a secret band of monster hunters dedicated to saving humanity—and the horrors that stalk the night are your prey. To aid in this struggle, Rippers extract the essence of these monsters’ powers and use them to enhance their own abilities. But be warned, by taking such horrific measures you risk losing your mind—or worse. Torn between the need for greater power and the threat of terrifying insanity, you must choose how best to fight the creatures of the night. Choose well, for if the Rippers fail humanity is lost!
 Rippers is a complete setting for Savage Worlds featuring a full plot point campaign that pits the heroes against the fearsome creatures of the evil Cabal.
Inside this setting you will find rules on creating Rippers, the brave monster hunters who face the growing evil, new Edges and Hindrances, a huge bestiary of hellish adversaries, and details of the Rippers most controversial weapon—Rippertech!"

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